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Saturday 16th July 2016 – Graduation Event

This is the Graduation event for children leaving us to start school in September. We will be holding the event at Beech Grove Primary School, we need the extra space as we have so many children leaving!!! Graduation will be from 10:00am to 11:30am. If you have any queries at all please speak to Paul or Rachel who will do their best to help you.


Week Commencing Monday 11th July 2016 – Visit to Wellington Museum

The children will be visiting Wellington Museum this week to learn more about the history of the town.


Week Commencing Monday 4th July 2016 – Swimming Sessions

This week we will be taking the children swimming to develop their water confidence and understanding of how to stay safe in and around water.


Week Commencing Monday 27th June 2016 – Welliestock Week

We will be celebrating our local music festival Welliestock this week with lots of singing and dancing. We hope to have some musicians and singers visiting the children this week too. If you know of anyone who would like to come and sing or play a musical instrument to the children during this week please let us know, it would be greatly appreciated!!


Tuesday 21st June 2016 – Strawberry Picking

The children will be visiting the local fruit farm to pick some delicious, healthy fruit for their snacks this week. It will give them a chance to see fresh produce grown locally, see how different fruits grow and taste how beautiful fresh fruit can be. It will also give us a chance to recap on their nature learning and revisit the different parts of a plant.


Week Commencing Monday 13th June 2016 – Visit to Wellington Monument

This week (weather permitting) we will be taking the children to Wellington Monument for a picnic and to see up close this beautiful Wellington landmark.


Wednesday 8th June 2016 – Visit to the Town Council to meet The Mayor!

Our first outing will be to visit Wellington Town Council and find out what they do to help Wellington. The children will also get to meet the Mayor and find out more about his work in the local community.


Bank Holiday Closure Dates

Please be aware the nursery is closed on Bank Holidays. The upcoming Bank Holidays this term are:

Monday 2nd May 2016 and Monday 30th May 2016.


Week Commencing Monday 23rd May 2016 – Beech Grove Primary School Reception Teacher, Miss Riley

Miss Riley, Reception Teacher from Beech Grove Primary School, has kindly agreed to come and talk to the children about what teachers do and how they help children to learn. We also thought this would be another lovely opportunity for those children leaving us to go to school in September to see how kind the teachers are. Especially for those children going to Beech Grove Primary School who may be taught later this year by Miss Riley!!


Week Commencing Monday 16th May 2016 – Visit from a Tractor

This is our Farmer themed week and we will be visited by a full sized tractor so the children can see how big the vehicles used on the farm are and discuss what tractors do to help the Farmers in the fields. This will be especially exciting for those children who are particularly interested in all vehicles at the moment, especially tractors!!


Week Commencing Monday 9th May 2016 – Visit from Animal Behavioural Expert

As part of our Vet themed week we have been lucky enough to arrange a visit from an Animal Behavioural Expert who will be talking to the children about how to take care of pets safely and also how to be safe when encountering unknown animals as part of our ongoing personal safety education for the children.


Tuesday 3rd May 2016 – Visit from the Police

This week we will be looking at the Police force and they have kindly agreed to start the children’s learning this week with a visit. They will talk to the children about what they do and why and also give them a Stranger Danger chat as part of our ongoing personal safety education for the children.


Friday 22nd April 2016 – Fire Station Visit

During this week we will have all been learning all about the Fire Service and our learning will be concluding with a visit to the local Fire Station to speak to real Firemen and women, see an actual Fire Engine and look at some of the other resources used by the Fire Service. This will be a very exciting outing for all of the children but especially those who are really interested in vehicles at the moment too.


Thursday 14th April 2016 – Transitions Evening

As promised we will be holding a Transitions Evening for those parents of children who are going to school in September this year. We will talk about the different processes that happen between now and then including Graduation Day and the schools expectations for your child. We will be on hand to answer any questions you may have and support you through this emotional time.

It will be held at Bouncy Bear Childcare, Courtland Road, Wellington, TA21 8NE from 18:20pm to 19:20pm. There will be carers from both sites there to talk to about your individual concerns.

If there is anything else you feel you would like an evening discussion or workshop about please let Lisa or Michelle know and we will do our best to organise it for you all.


Tuesday 12th April 2016 – NHS Flouride Visit

As part of our Dentist themed week the NHS will be visiting the nursery, talking to the children about how to look after their teeth and then apply a coating of fluoride to their teeth to help protect the children’s baby teeth from cavities. This will be the fourth year we have done this for the children and the parent’s feedback is that it has been very helpful. Parent permission slips will be required otherwise the child cannot take part.


Week Commencing Monday 13th April 2015 – Spring Explorers

The seasons are about to change and it is a great time to get out and about and see how nature is changing. The children will be looking for and comparing mini beasts, even making their own mini beast hotels to bring home. They will be discovering which new flowers have bloomed and planting their own in the garden so they can see how they change over time and making nature collages from the things they find on their travels.


Week Commencing Monday the 30th March 2015 – Easter

We love Easter and this year we will be making Easter biscuits, counting eggs, going on Easter Egg hunts, visiting and feeding some real life chickens and ducks, listening to the Easter Story, drawing our own eggs and decorating them, balancing eggs on spoons for egg and spoon races and much, much more!


Friday the 13th March 2015 – Red Nose Day

This year we will be raising money for Red Nose Day by wearing something red and you can also “Make their face funny for money!” You could do this by wearing a wig, a false moustache, face paints, make up or a big red nose, the choice is yours. Please could your bring a donation of £1.00 which we will pass on to Comic Relief for you. For those families not in on the Thursday we will selling cakes and biscuits to raise funds for Comic Relief and also collecting any coppers you may have lying around at home.


Thursday 5th March 2015 – World Book Day

We will be celebrating World Book Day with a large selection of stories and nursery rhymes and by taking some of the older children to the library during this week.


Monday 16th February 2015 – Chinese New Year

This year Chinese New Year starts on Thursday 19th February 2015. To celebrate this week we will be having a Chinese inspired menu all week, with Chinese themed activities such as the dancing dragons and making lanterns. Bouncy Bear, Courtland Road will also be having an open afternoon on Thursday 19th February from 16:00pm till 18:00pm where parents can join us to take part in Chinese themed activities.


Thursday 12th February 2015 – Valentines Fun Session

We will be having an open afternoon at Bouncy Bear, Brendon Road, where parents can join us with their child to take part in Valentine Day themed activities. We will post more information, such as times, on the front door soon.


Monday 2nd February 2015 to Friday 6th February 2015 – Pre-school Phonics Project

For our pre-school children who are going to school this year and any others who are developmentally ready, we are investing in a new phonics program from Pearson School called Phonics Bug. It is a new interactive teaching system used in some primary schools with great success to help teach reception children their letter sounds. We will also be investing in a large interactive whiteboard to help not only deliver this phonics program but also to help our two year olds with their communication and language development. Please let us know if you have any questions and we will keep you informed on the projects progress.


Monday 19th January to Friday 23rd January 2015 – Visits to the Play Castle

As part of our Knights, Princesses, Dragons and Castles theme we are planning to make small visits to the local Play Castle in Wellington. We will keep you updated on our progress.


Wednesday 24th December to Sunday 4th January 2015 – Closed for Christmas

These are the dates we are closed for Christmas this year. The carers will be in work on Friday 2nd January 2015 for a staff training day.


Monday 22nd December to Tuesday 23rd December 2014 – Christmas Dinners

To continue our Christmas celebrations we will be having full Christmas dinners with desserts on the Monday and Tuesday before we break up for the Christmas holidays. 


Friday 19th December 2014 – Christmas Party

The children and families loved the Christmas Party last year. So this year we are celebrating again! Families and children who do not normally attend on a Friday afternoon are welcome to come and join us from 14:00 till 17:00 for dancing, treats and games. We look forward to seeing you there.


Monday 15th December to Thursday 18th December 2014 – Church Visits

We will be walking to the local churches with the children so that they can see and talk about the changes in the weather and the changes that happen around Christmas time. We will be looking at the size of the buildings and similarities between the buildings we see. We will also talk about the nativity story and how different children spend December with their families.


Thursday 11th December to Friday 12th December –Christmas Jumper Day

Save the Children are holding a campaign on Friday the 12th December to raise money for children. They are encouraging everyone to wear make a donation and wear a Christmas jumper during their day. Many of these events are held on a Friday so to include as many families as possible we will be running it on both Thursday and Friday and forwarding your donations to Save the Children. Please remember to bring your child in to nursery with a Christmas jumper.


Monday 17th November to Friday 21st November 2014 – Library Visits

Visits to the local library to share stories in small groups, celebrate our favourite rhymes and poetry and hear new ones. Research facts using non- fiction books and talk about what might happen next in the fiction stories.

If you would like to join us with your child to visit the library and share a story please let us know and we would be happy to arrange it.


Wednesday 5th November and Thursday 6th November 2014 – Parent’s Evenings

Parent’s Evenings will be running over to evenings from 17:00 – 18:00. Your Key Person will contact you with a proposed date and time and if you cannot make it please let them know and they will reschedule. The meetings last for ten minutes and give you a chance to discuss how your child is progressing and ask any questions you may have.


Wednesday 5th November 2014 – Fireworks Night Safety Day

Fireworks night is a great time for children but can also be a dangerous one. We will be looking at the Guy Fawkes story, making chocolate firework sparklers, painting large sparkly firework pictures and watching clips of fireworks. We will then discuss the risks linked to fireworks night, for us and our pets, and what we can do to avoid them and stay safe.


Friday 31st October 2014 – Halloween 

The children and families loved the Halloween Disco last year. So this year we are celebrating all day! It is a fancy dress party and the children will be taking part in lots of Halloween themed activities, ending in a Bouncy Bear Family Halloween Party from 18:30 – 20:00 at Bouncy Bear, Brendon Road and everyone is welcome. Please bring your scariest monsters!


Thursday 23rd October 2014 – Diwali Celebration

This year the Hindu New Year called Diwali will be celebrated on Thursday 23rd October. The children will be making clay lamps (diyas) to take home and trying special foods that are eaten during this holiday. Parents are welcome to join us from 09:30 until 10:30 to make Rangoli pictures with the children. Our Rangoli pictures will involve sticking coloured rice in beautiful shapes and patterns.


Wednesday 15th October – No Pens Day Wednesday

As part of a national initiative to get children using their words rather than always trying to write everything down we are celebrating No Pens Day Wednesday and have adapted it to Early Years and each setting. Each site will choose a communication activities focused on the children’s current interests and level f development and spend the whole day following where the children take it! We will keep a journal of their adventures and update you on their progress.


Thursday 25th September 2014 – Harvest Celebration

We are very excited about our Harvest Celebration this year. The children will be buying, counting and sorting vegetables to make vegetable soup, growing cress, building straw dens and seeing an actual tractor. One of our parents has kindly donated his time and the tractor for the children to view and explore as part of their activities, thank you H Curtis and Sons.

Please could you bring your child in dressed as a farmer and any spare food you may have at home. We will be talking to the children about the importance of food and donating their contributions to the local Food Bank. Thank you for your help.


Wednesday 17th September 2014 – Transitions Workshop

September is an incredibly busy month for us with many new starters and children changing Key Groups. These changes can be confusing and emotional for both the children and the parents. As a result we will be offering a Transitions Workshop for parents to come and ask any questions they may have. The newsletter (which can be found on this website) contains details of the different age groups we will be focusing on and how we can help to make those transitions easier for you and your child. We hope you will be able to make it.


Friday 12th September 2014 – Roald Dahl Day

Roald Dahl day is celebrated on Saturday 13th September this year but as we are closed on the Saturday we decided to move it a day forward. The children will be taking part in Roald Dahl activities, listening to Roald Dahl stories and rhymes and creating their own. If your child would like to bring their favourite book in to share with their friends please let them and we will read it together.


Thursday 4th September 2014 – Jittabugs Sessions

We will be having Jittabugs visit the children every Thursday this month following their taster session in July. The children loved the dance and exercise programme which is closely linked to the EYFS learning goals. This gives the children another way to practise and consolidate those skills they have been developing in the setting and at home.


Saturday 19th July 2014 – Graduation Day

It’s Graduation Day for those children leaving us to start school in September. For more information please see our Graduation page.


Saturday 12th July 2014 – World Cup Stay and Play

We applied for funding for a Diversity event and were fortunate enough to be successful! As a result we are hosting a World Cup Stay and Play where families will get the opportunity to meet one another, take part in physical games, learn about some of the different countries taking part in the World Cup and enjoy a bacon sandwich breakfast. Dads are very welcome! This is an event for the whole family so please feel welcome to bring siblings too.


Thursday 10th July 2014 - Quail Visit 

Quail and chickens will be visiting so children can talk about the differences and similarities between the birds and their eggs and also draw real life pictures!


Wednesday 9th July 2014 – Preschool Picnic

We have invited all the preschools in the local area to attend a preschool picnic. This will not only give the children a chance to meet each other but to also practise some skills they will need at school like opening packets in their lunch boxes.


Thursday 26th June 2014 – Tempest Visit

Tempest will be visiting to take photographs of the children. If you would like your child to have their photograph taken and they do not normally attend please let Paul or Rachel know.


Monday 23rd June 2014 – Mud Week

The children will be enjoying lots of outdoor activities this week with a focus on nature and messy play. They will also be making mud pies in their new mud kitchen to celebrate International Mud Day on the 29th June 2014. Let us know if you have any ideas for muddy activities the children may enjoy.


Monday 18th June 2014 - A big thank you to everyone who attended our Toddle

Waddle on Saturday at Wellington Park. The weather was beautiful and it was great fun. The children loved the bouncy castle afterwards and everyone enjoyed the Hot Dogs!  We managed to raise money for Barnardos to help vulnerable children. I will let you know the final total next week but if you would like to see photos and video of the event please visit


June 2012

We hope you have a fantastic Diamond Jubilee weekend. The children and carers will be celebrating by wearing their finest clothes to our tea party. There will be special cakes and of course cucumber sandwiches. The nursery has been decorated from top to toe in red, white and blue and looks amazing. We hope the children will enjoy learning about the queen with our new resources such as Happyland's Queen's Diamond Jubilee sets and London Bus sets, books and magazines about the queen and various flag, balloon and british themed activities. Let's hope the weather stays nice for everybody.


May 2012

The children have been very busy outside planting lots of flowers and vegetables and creating interesting displays, as part of their entry for the Wellington in Bloom competition. The children have enjoyed learning all about planting and growing and have each had pea seeds to take home and carry on their gardening activities. We wish them the best of luck with their entry.


April 2012

ZooLab came to the nursery to talk to the children about spring and birth. They brought a Tarantula, Scorpion, Stick Insect, Snake and other interesting creatures for the children to see and discuss. This was a great follow up to their recent visit from the farm animals and the children loved it.


March 2012 

The children loved the visit from the Courtneys Mobile Farm where they talked about animals, took part in a Storysack activity and met a micro pig, chicks and a chicken. We hope the children told you all about it when they got home and we hope to do it all again in the future.

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